About Us

'Baby&Me' is all about fulfilling the requirements of new moms and new borns, starting with clothing presence. Our online boutique houses the finest and lovingly curated collection of ethnic kids wear. We connect with designers and work closely with them to handpick the finest of products with various craftsmanship to make them available to our clientele around the world, who appreciate and seek to own authentic and aesthetic products with an Indian soul proudly. With the abundant mass-produced faux leather handbags available in the market, customers often not satisfied with its sustainability and its inability to be unique. That inspired us to create sustainable, eco-friendly and one of a kind in-house designed fabric handbags. Our founders have been rooted in textile tradition for over three generations, passing down the wealth of knowledge and expertise. Our store has thoughtfully designed for you to get inspired and choose the right product appealing to your distinct style sense. Also, to enjoy the warm and thoroughly pleasant shopping experience. Our focus is on the diverse collection, quality material, design and value for money. Our core values of inspiration, integrity, innovation, fellowship, distinctiveness and reliability will reflect in all our endeavours. We keep evolving and updated with the latest trends to match the requirements of modern women's desire to combine Indian heritage with modern sensibilities. We hope your journey with 'Baby & Me' is as worthwhile as it has been for us to put together and present 'Baby & Me' for you.